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Conditions of Use

Douglas County Fiar

The permission to use an image from the collections of the Douglas County Historical Society is granted as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Permission must be submitted by using the Use Form. Possession of a Douglas County Historical Society image does not constitute permission to use it.
  • Permission is for one-time, one-project use only. The Society retains all rights to the images, and they may not be used for any purpose other than what is listed on the Request for Use Form.
  • Commercial users must pay for the use fee in advance of receiving a permission form signed by the Douglas County Historical Society.
  • Credit must be given to the Douglas County Historical Society and the creator of the work, if known.
  • Credit must appear with the image or on a credit page that indicates the page number and position on the page.
  • The Douglas County Historical Society assumes no responsibility for infraction of copyright laws, invasion of privacy, or any other improper or illegal use that may arise from reproduction on any image. In all instances the applicant agrees to hold the museum an its agents harmless against any claims arising or resulting from the use of this image and shall indemnify the museum and its agents for any and all costs and damages arising or resulting from any such authorized use.
  • Photographs may be cropped to suit design and layout, but they may not be altered, colorized or drawn upon without a letter or permission in addition to a signed permission form.
  • The society reserves the right to decline permission to publishers and individuals who have not complied with these conditions.

In some cases, the Society will request a copy of the publication be donated to the Society.

Please send to:
1219 Nokomis St
Alexandria, MN 56308

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