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Image Price List

Alex Fire Dept

All fees are shown in U.S. dollars (USD).

Product Fee

  • 150 ppi Digital Scan (JPEG Format) – $5
  • 300 ppi Digital Scan (JPEG or TIFF Format) – $12
  • 600 ppi Digital Scan (TIFF Format) – $25

Possession of an image does not constitute permission to use it. The Society reserves the right to decline permission to publishers or individuals who have not complied with the condition of use.

Digital Scans

  • JPEG formatted files under 1 MB or 1000k can be shipped via email.
  • Orders sent by email will use the shipping confirmation email as a packing slip or receipt.
  • Larger JPEG files and all TIFF formatted files 1 MB will be written to a CD-Rom for delivery.
  • For security reasons we cannot copy files onto disks provided by customer.

PPI Option

PPI (Pixels Per Inch) determines the file size and image quality (resolution) of the scan.

  • 150 PPI are low resolution scans with a small file size. They are most often used when the image is displayed using a computer screen such as a web page, Power Point presentation, school report, etc.
  • 300 PPI are medium resolution scans typically used for print that does not require high resolution such as desktop publishing, newsprint, reports, etc. because the file size of these images can be large and they are not generally used for computer display.
  • 600 PPI are high resolution scans. These are used for better quality printing and publishing. The file size is very large.

File Type Option

  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) files used from a compression method that enables fast loading of the image.
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) is created from the raw scan and is used for high quality output and publishing.

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