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Use Fees

Alexandria Corner

Possession of an image does not constitute permission to use it. The Society reserves the right to decline permission to publishers or individuals who have not complied with the conditions of use.

All fees are in U.S. dollars, are charged per image and are for a single use.

Usage Fee
– Personal Use $0
– MN Non-profit/educational use $0
Commercial Fee
– Books $30
– Newspapers/Magazines $30
– Brochures and misc. printed material all sizes $30
– Broadcast $30
– Film or video $30
– Advertising $30
– Website $30
– Merchandise items (calendars, note cards, coffee mugs, etc.) $30
– Public display (lobbies, restaurants, etc) $30
– Commercial on Spec – NO USE is authorized $0


  • Personal Use: The image(s) will be used only in a private home or office. They will not be displayed in a sales area or reproduced for any purpose.
  • Non-Profit: The image(s) will be published, displayed, or broadcast by a Minnesota 501(c)(3) organization. Any profit from the publication, display, or broadcast will go into the account of the non-profit organization and not to an individual or corporation.
  • Commercial: The image(s) will be published, displayed, or broadcast in a commercial environment for profit. This includes commercial website representing a person or corporation who sell goods or services.
  • Commercial on Spec (speculation): The image(s) will be used for profit-making publication, display, or broadcast, but the final selection of photos to be published, displayed, or broadcast has not been made by the publisher or other creating entity. The request for permission will be made later.
  • Public Display: Displayed image(s) in a public environment, such as a restaurant, museum, sales office or reception area.

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